Photography Tips

e.g. small plate, focus on the food e.g. with close-ups showing texture, think about the mood of the photograph,


get a reflector

creating your own crack effect boards

place items right next to window

Interesting idea

I like the textured effect of the text like its painted on

Really nice typography and layout

Again interesting idea for presenting food and also hand made things i could do

Again hand made typography i could do

More hand made typography that could give my app a nice feel

Another interesting idea for presenting food and making it fun

Really nice photograph maybe i should include hands or only for video but video could be stop motion

Great background and powder i think really makes a difference to how good food looks although this is just for cakes

Could use something like this for edges of app or advert like i have seen in research

Tip for food photography

Could make this for tutorial video

Great background and colours and pot nice touch

Putting grill on wood nice effect and bread on the side makes it look ready to eat

Sandwiches with a twist

Idea for how to present food


One of my photographs. I read that putting food on a small plate is better though colour of plate doesn’t match background

Also background here too red, the images I’ve been looking at used a lot of grey or weathered wood, evening light makes a difference need to photograph in fronton window daytime


My photograph. Well lit, close-up better and white plate less distracting


My photograph. Here evening light works well because it suits the wooden utensil and mushrooms in risotto, makes it look more homely


I experimented a lot with phones and backgrounds including trying the floor


The brown wood looks good for the phone to be put on but i realised i could edit the colour like i have done and use my own photograph for the background of my app I actually like it more than the image i had found because it is softer and warmer

basket2-01categories-01categories2-01categories22-01categoriesinspireme-01checkprogress-01checkprogress2-01basicinstructions2-01categories-01categories2-01categories22-01categoriesinspireme-01foodpage3-01home2-01home3-01home4-01inspireme-01inspireme2-01inspireme3-01inspireme4-01inspiremeingredient-01inspirememood-01inspiremeoccassion-01preferences-01preferences2 copy-01preferences2-01search-01stockup2-01nav-01icons9

The icons i made


I decided to crop out the centre of the phone so that I could place my app images in it and look like it is on the phone


I also added these circles because I realised it was very confusing what was happening when you watch the first video i made without any description or anything showing where it is being clicked


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